Tim Selders

Innovation Guide

I inspire professionals
to set innovation goals beyond their imagination
and guide them on the path towards these.

Every day
I walk my dog.
Doing so,
my imagination runs away
with me.
And every time
I love it!


A love-letter to my awesome ex

She was a mess when I first met her. We spent years talking about how she could get it together again. She did! She stole millions of hearts, including mine. I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for her. A love letter to my awesome, world-famous ex. Her name is LEGO.

My personality

No clue what the future brings, but… 

Who am I to predict our future? A future that is capricious as never before…
Still, I’d like to think that some skills are good to have in order to deal with this future. These skills form the basis for my lecture as ‘futurist’, with the concept of anti-fragility as the red thread.


The dazzling definitive list of questions asked to
an innovation guide

‘Somewhere on the crossroads of business, innovation and design’ is the place where I work. But where do crossroads start and end? A philosopher might know the answer. So do my past and present clients…


“How come they don’t have a clear name for what you do?”

This business transformation is giving me a headache. A friend of a friend says he knows a guy who can help. He gave a pretty vague description of the help provided, and adds “don’t worry, you’ll find out when you call him.” Inhale. Exhale. Here we go…

Here you can find me often nowadays…

 ☎ +31 6 2266 7997


Good coach, bad coach?

Coaching. You know, the thing when you get paid to help others say and do the things they’ve been wanting to say and do. I’m a coach. And I like getting better at what I do. The web is full of articles on how to coach professionals. Coach the coaches, as it were. With a healthy dose of reluctance, let’s see if I hold up against the commandments of coaching…

What am I doing this month?

  • Temporarily replacing an innovation director of a large global NGO
  • Coaching a design director
  • Building Product Management for an ICT company
  • Preparing a lecture called ‘Dealing with the future’
  • Consulting a game company on goals & strategy


You’re only as strong as the portability of your strengths

Sometimes you spot something important that you can do. A way to change something in the world. If that thing requires a lot of your time, you might start a company for it. And as you do it more often, you can get very good at what you do. You can get paid very well. Your life becomes comfortable, and God forbid you succeed in changing that thing. Because if you succeed, what is left for you? What is left of you?