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‘Somewhere on the crossroads of business, innovation and design’ is the place where I work. But where do crossroads start and end? A philosopher might know the answer. So do my past and present clients…

Who doesn’t specialise becomes redundant – I firmly believe in that. Focus was my main focus during a great part of my working life. In spite of my efforts, I alway got presented challenges from a very broad range of areas. A phrase I’ve heard over and over: “We want to go forward but we can’t figure out how.”

Not rarely do I know nothing about the industry at hand. But on a strategic level, generic skills like problem solving, scenario thinking, structuring and visualisation, have often proved applicable.

If focus was my aim, this is how well I did at it.

The dazzling list of questions asked to me in the past years:

Which experience agency to choose for designing the LEGO House?
How to teach about design thinking in HP?
How to develop a method to develop visions on living areas for AW Wonen?
What is the essence of youth care in our township Molenlanden?
What is the right innovation process for B&O, in the situation we are in right now?
What is the way to sustainability center in our city Eindhoven?
What is the best way to build an investor pitch for DESIGNLADDER?
How do we at FRVR cascade down our company objectives to individual employee level?
What is the best way to develop our design and innovation leaders in bugaboo?
How to build a consistent Grundfos look and feel in our our scattered portfolio?
What is the best future-proof business model for our Holland Casinos?
What doe architects think about our new Lafarge products?
What is the future of riding motorbikes for the MotorRai?
What is the way forward in innovation Ocenanco super yachts?
What is our new brand identity after separating from Philips?
What could be the future of Raichle ski shoes?
How to setup transformational innovation for our NGO Rainforest Alliance?

So, can I help you too?

And is your challenge exactly at the crossroads of design, innovation and business?

It usually takes one phone call to find out. My previous clients didn’t care much about labelling their challenge. They just wanted it solved. I see a wonderful starting point in that…