My internship at farmers

Since these are both relevant for my innovation-farm labland as for my work at the Veenweiden Innovatiecentrum, I arranged several short internships at several and different types farmers in the Netherlands. With resounding names such as De Vries, Vlooswijk, De Groot, Schep, Slob and Bikker.

I join them in the very early morning, and simply follow them, and take their orders on things to do. Cleaning, tying things up, moving animals, shoveling manure, and even milking. While discussing farmer-life and life in general ;-).

Some of them have many cows, some few. Some have goats or other animals.
Some focus on cheese-making, some do agricultural nature management at the side.
But they all see the challenges we are facing in agriculture.
Including their own challenges and worries…

It is my plan to do this much more often and regular.
It enhances my realism without diminishing my ambition and drive.

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