Ex-LEGO: a new job description and community

A year ago, I saw something new passing by on LinkedIn, called LXGO. A new community of ex-LEGO employees.
And to my delight I knew all the initiators. Cephas, Anne, David.
So, I dared to ask the question…

‘Cephas, I have not been a formal LEGO employee, but I worked for LEGO for more than 15 years, as a consultant. I almost bought a holiday house in Lalandia. You think I could join you guys?’
His reply was clear:  ‘Your 15 years of service to the brand, although not 100% full time, were as considerable as your contributions to the evolving design culture there. So, for sure!’

With other words, I was in.
Not only that, but I was also invited to kick-off the online gatherings with a lecture.
An online lecture about ‘dealing with the future’. For around 60-70 LXGO-ers all over the world. Get a taste of that lecture, with me standing in the midst of digital LEGO bricks, below…

Five very interesting online gatherings and a year further, now it is time for us to meet. In real life. In Billund!
With 8 other LXGO-ers I am going to organise a gathering in Billund for all LXGO-members. Talking about the old days, but also about relevant topics like ‘value-based leadership’, and ofcourse about the potential of the LXGO community.
And hopefully talk to some old friends that still work at LEGO ;-).

In March or April 2023 there will be a lot of ex-LEGO-ers walking around in Billund, wondering why it was so cool to work at LEGO…

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