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I am a guide in the field of innovation.
I inspire others to set innovation goals beyond their imagination,
and guide them on the path towards these goals.


    1. How to ready your organisation to deal with unpredictable futures?
    2. Wow, what if your product or service can do this or that  in the future…?
    3. How to envision the future yourself?
    4. How has LEGO been so successful in innovation?
    5. How to apply Design Thinking for inventing the future?
    6. How to create a strong trinity of innovation mission, vision  and strategy?
    7. How to organise innovation in your organisation?
    8. How to establish a lasting innovation culture in your organisation?
    9. How to form winning innovation teams?
    10. How to manage your innovation portfolio successfully?
    11. How to configure your own innovation process?
    12. How to make the best of Design Thinking, Agile and Lean?
    13. How to build front-end innovation?
    14. How to do innovation research in a different and more successful way?
    15. How to make a business case for innovation?