“I inspire professionals to set innovation goals beyond their imagination and guide them on the path towards these.”

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Every day I walk my dog. Doing so, my imagination runs away with me. And every time I love it!

What am I doing this month?

  • Supporting the innovation director of a global NGO
  • Coaching the innovation leaders of a retail company
  • Implementing Product Management for an ICT company
  • Building an innovation partnership between large global organisations
  • Sparring with a design director of a large global manufacturer
  • Mediating between the company leadership and a design agency
  • Training project managers of a large innovation consultancy

Here you can find me…

No clue what the future brings, but…

Who am I to predict our future? A future that is capricious as never before… Still, I’d like to think that some skills are good to have in order to deal with this future. These skills form the basis for my lecture as ‘futurist’, with the concept of anti-fragility as the red thread. You want to know about these skills?

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